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Economic Roles

Hasaki plans to incentivize users to participate in response training through token rewards. They will provide feedback on the correctness of Hsaki's responses to help label and adjust the data. Based on this, there will be different roles in Hasaki's economic model:


Regular users can use the generic version of Hasaki. Partial advanced features require payment of tokens to unlock. Users can also receive token rewards by providing feedback on Hasaki's responses.


Responsibility: Provide real-time feedback on Hasaki's responses. A feedback pop-up window will appear in the trainer's dialogue box after the Q&A session: "Are you satisfied with Hasaki's response? Please click the button below to answer. Please give me feedback if you have any comments".
Rights: All users can be trainers during Hasaki's growth period. When the trainer provides effective feedback to Hasaki, they can receive token rewards. Of course, if a trainer gives malicious or incorrect feedback, they will also be punished by Hasaki.

Arbitrators DAO

Responsibilities: Users need to stake a certain amount of tokens to be arbitrators. The arbitrator's responsibility is to judge the feedback provided by the trainer and determine whether it is valid information.
Rights: Arbitrators can receive more lucrative token rewards than trainers. If they make a wrong decision, they will be punished by the deduction of tokens.