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Why was Hasaki born?

Due to the universal enthusiasm brought by Chatgpt, humans have begun to believe that collective human intelligence will be inferior to the artificial intelligence system we have built and deployed on a large scale by many orders of magnitude in our lifetime. This is not just an alarmist talk. Although AI is created by humans and runs based on program logic, it is often calmer, more objective, and highly neutral compared to humans. In a sense, AI is superior to humans.
This also means that the impartiality judged by AI will be far higher than that of humans and all search engines created by humans. The blockchain space with the core value of decentralization needs research, judgment, and analysis of high neutrality under AI judgment more than any other industry. Hasaki was born under the strong demand of this market. We can understand Hasaki as a tamed AI assistant serving the entire cryptocurrency industry. It will be the most authoritative information and behavioral service terminal in the entire cryptocurrency space.