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What did Hasaki revolutionize?

In the past, the way cryptocurrency users retrieve and understand industry information was mainly through the following channels:

(1) Social platforms such as communities and Twitter

(2) Data inclusion websites such as Coingecko and CMC

(3) Active searching by search engines such as Google.

However, there are usually some drawbacks when users obtain information through these platforms:
When users obtain information through social platforms, users on social platforms usually judge the project based on their subjective impressions, but this judgment is not comprehensive and accurate.
When users learn about the project through inclusion websites, there are information barriers. Some information about less influential projects or information may not be included on the website, which prevents users from obtaining comprehensive project information on these websites.
Finally, when users use search engines to obtain information, they often get a general, extremely complex information flow, which increases the cost of obtaining information, causing users to need to screen and filter this information.
Hasaki runs based on the large language database of the entire blockchain industry, accurately extracting effective information from a database of up to billions of items through an artificial intelligence system, and presenting it intuitively to users. The existence of Hasaki eliminates the inaccuracy and incompleteness of traditional information acquisition methods while lowering the threshold for users to obtain crypto information."
The emergence of Hasaki will be a milestone revolution, and it will accomplish this revolution through the following three directions:
  • Simulated training of a language database of up to billions of items in the blockchain space.
  • Revolutionary information interaction methods in the crypto space.
  • Using token incentives to encourage more users to participate in the process of AI training, promotes the continuous evolution of Hasaki.